General information

For each family there are two kind of pages:

There is also one general Ancestor overview to illustrate the connection between the four families.

All mentioned categories of pages do have a number of names of the described family.
For reasons of maintenance of this web-site, I made the choice not to make direct clickable links between people given in all categories of the above mentioned pages. With future upgrades of one of the categories, I should make all the links again. In the pages with the historical description, I included the years of birth of each person as reference to the data pages.

For privacy reasons, no dates of people alive, are given on this site.

The Netherlands policy concerning privacy of personal data is applicable:

100 years for birth information

75 years for marriage information

This is an Dutch home page. This means that the Dutch method of name conventions is used e.g. one can find my name Wim van der Heijden under 'H' in the alphabetical indexes and not under 'V'.

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